Jessica Jordan

Acting Coach and Career Consultant

Jessica has been working in Hollywood for 12 years for some of the biggest agents and talent managers in the business including Monster Talent Management and AEF Agency. She actually began her career as an actress, but she soon found her real passion was helping others along the journey toward their dreams. She studied many methods of acting and received top teacher training from the best coaches in Hollywood including Jeremiah Comey. She has been both an assistant talent manager as well as a coach and assistant to many rising stars. Currently, she works privately with actors, their managers, agents, and their publicists, assisting them with career counseling and management.

The latest concentration of Jessica’s efforts is on utilizing social media to further actor’s careers, and maintain their viral presence. She works with the stars and their teams to create, monitor, and maintain their own websites, and strategize a social media campaign that matches their unique personality with their fan base. As social media has changed the face of our communicative world, it has also changed the way an actor’s online identity affects their career.

Jessica’s methods are based on actual experiences in casting sessions. She is up to speed with the current trends in acting styles and industry standards. Her goal is to inspire talented students to see their potential, and to give them the tools necessary to achieve their dreams. She knows that, like any other profession, acting requires education and continual maintenance.

Jessica believes in finding organic talent through the observation of a person’s “off stage” behavior, believing that,

“Casting directors hire people not actors. The difficult journey is being able to bring authenticity of self to the role at hand. Once this is mastered you can “be” anything.”